Fire & Water Features

Rocks and Waterfalls

Creating natural finishes is a very popular design concept. Riviera Pools can make your backyard look like that vacation spot in the Smokey Mountains or a tropical island resort by using real rock and stone to create natural finishes and waterfalls. We also use modular prefabricated stones and waterfalls. Sculpted Stone is another unique way to build natural rock and waterfalls on site. The rock is actually formed and sculpted on the job. This is a useful way to build large rock formations and incorporate slides and caves into your pool and spa design.

Water Features

When it comes to water features, your only limit is your imagination. We stay on top of all the new technology and products available for water features and fountains and incorporate them into your design.  

Magic Stream Laminars create totally clear, lighted arcs of moving water.  The Savi X-Stream lights can be used for accent lights in a waterfall or landscaping, lighted fountains and waterfalls, paver decks or pool floor lighting.  Color Vision lighted bubblers are beautiful colored foam jets that can be installed on a sun shelf or ledge.  Click here to see a video of these lighted water features.  

Magic Bowls by Pentair make a stunning architectural statement on any pool or spa.  Sculpted from a durable, UV-resistant material, MagicBowl has a shape and metallic composite finish to suit your tastes and accent your poolscape with style. Glowing and flickering lights create a dramatic flame effect that brings the fountain to life.

Gas Accessories

Gas fire pits, torches and design features can add a unique outdoor feeling to your backyard. They provide design focal points and enhance your outdoor lighting. They can help create a tropical evening or wooded campfire ambiance to any backyard. Your design consultant can help you pick out the fixtures to give you the look and feel that you are looking for.