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Tile and Trim

Waterline tile comes in many styles, shapes and designs. Glass tile gives the pool a rich, custom look and can also be used to create a focal point. Glass tiles are very durable and are the least porous of tile materials that can be used. Glass tiles work well with the reflection of the water in your pool to create a beautiful shimmer. Glass block can be used in common walls between the pool and spa and will capture the light of the spa and make it visible from the outer deck areas. Interlocking paver decks typically use a 4” x 8” bullnose brick coping at the pool and spa edge. Riviera Pools uses many of the precast stone and marble products available to create custom deck and coping finishes. Stone tiles will give you that natural look and feel. You can check out our materials in the design center to see the look and feel of the different tiles we offer. Also, you can look at our photo gallery below to see some of the tiles used in other pools.