October 2019

Making the perfect wave

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In the highly specialized world of creating the perfect man-made wave, legendary surfer Kelly Slater may have just pulled off the equivalent of the Manhattan Project.

Iceland's Hidden Hot Tubs

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Hey y'all I know its not cold yet but I thought this was so cool. Look at these hot tubs in Iceland. They are heated by the natural Springs beneath each one. And they are all three different temperatures. Nature does it BEST. The water that is :) and the view.
September 2019

What the Heck are 'Wave Balls'?

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Remember when you had to jump up and down and keep up a rhythm in your pool to make waves. Well check this out!! WAVE BALL. Fun & Exercise

Prepping Your Pool for Hurricane Dorian

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With all the prep for Hurricanes Let's not forget the pool. check out this short video just FYI Be Safe everyone.
August 2019

Our Pools

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A couple of our pools with an OCEAN VIEW. Both used travertine for decking. 1 has clean straight lines & one is free form. Love these 2 very different pools.

Design Series: Day 8

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Nice features on a very large free form style pool. nicely done by Bob Albano

Design Series: Day 7

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Check this OUT. What a great twist to a classic kidney-shaped pool. Love the details and the lower fire pit area. Awesome Job Shannon!!!
July 2019

Design Series: Day 6

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Perfect for limited areas. Check out this cozy retreat. Great Job David (plunge pool)

Design Series: Day 5

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Back to our newest Designer Alex. Love the way the spa bubbles!!. Simple design. Very nice

Design Series: Day 4

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Doesn't this just make you feel like a kid again!! check out this backyard oasis. Waterfall and spa, fun and relaxing at the same time. by Bob Albano
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