Riviera Pools Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Most people have better things to do with their free time than clean their swimming pool.  Riviera Pools can design a pool cleaning system that is affordable and lets you enjoy your pool in your free time.  Our standard pool package comes with all your manual cleaning tools and a water testing kit but we are fairly certain that you would rather not use this equipment if you don't have to.

There are two types of automatic cleaning systems available.  Robotic cleaners and “in-floor” systems.  Riviera Pools installs most types of robotic systems for pools in the Tampa area.  The Great White pool cleaner is made by Pentair Water.  We also offer the Polaris and Navigator.  There are several models available.  Robotic cleaners will not clean an attached spa and they don't always get the steps and benches clean, but, for the money, they are a pretty good value.

In-floor cleaning systems are the closest that you are going to get to a "maintenance free" swimming pool.  They are comprised of "pop-up" cleaning heads that are strategically positioned on the pool and spa floor, steps and benches.  They are designed to keep the dirt and debris suspended in the water column to be filtered out by the pool's circulation system.  This is the only type of pool cleaner that will clean a spa.   If you have in-pool tables, bar stools or hand rails, this is the only type of automatic cleaner that will work.  Robotic cleaners will get tangled on these features.  Many in-floor cleaners require a high-flow pump to operate at their best performance.  The Quick Clean Xtream system by A & A Manufacturing uses G4V technology.  Their advanced cleaning head damatically reduces the required flow rate for cleaning, saving up to 50% on your electrical usage.  This cleaner is also a great water distribution systems.  It gives the pool better chemical distrucbuion and introduces heated water into the pool from the pool floor, saving heating and chemical costs.   The Quik Skim venturi powered skimmer removes more debris than a standard skimmer and allows more suction to be directed to the pool drain by using venturi powered skimming.  Natural water pressure is used to create a stronger vacuum to clear more debris than a standard skimmer.  The AVCS heavy debris removal channel drain is the safest and most efficient drain on the market.  The AVSC drain has been classified as unblockable and certified by NSF International.  Because of its dual levels of entrapment protection, the AVSC drain offers the highest level of swimmer protection without sacrificing cleaning capability.  Designed with a large opening for heavy debris removal, the AVSC keeps your pool clean while efficiently removing unsightly large debris.  This debris will be collected in a LeafVac leaf canister.  LeafVac’s extra-large canister holds more debris, ensuring more time between cleanings. The extra capacity also allows for unimpeded flow of water, saving your pool’s pump from potential damage. The pump, in turn, uses less power, thus saving you money.