Riviera Pools Control Systems

Control Systems

Whether you're a do-it-yourself person who likes to "keep it simple" or you like the convenience of automation, Riviera Pools can design the perfect control system for your project.  Many features can be controlled by simple timers, valves and switches.  These same features can also be integrated into a remote control system.  We offer four types: 

  1. Our standard pool package comes with an automatic timer for the circulation pump.  Variable speed pumps come with their own programmable timer.  Valves are used to control and direct the water flow.  Selector switches can be used to select colors and programs for lighting.
  2. The IntelliConnect control system allows users to control pool functions from an app that can be downloaded onto a smart phone, tablet or PC.  This system is great for standard pool functions.  It will program the IntelliPro variable speed pump, set heater temperatures and chlorine levels.  It also comes with two additional relays that can be used for lighting or booster pumps.  It does not control valves, so this system wouldn't be appropriate for a pool/spa combination or to control valve activated water features.
  3. The Easy Touch Lite system by Pentair gives you the basic controls necessary for most pool and pool/spa combinations.  It will program variable speed pumps and will control heaters and pool lights. 
  4. The Pentair Easy Touch control system is programmable and it will integrate with the IntelliChem,  IntelliChlor and IntelliBrite systems.  It will also program variable speed pumps.  You can set all your run times with this system, as well as water temperature.  It will also control landscape lighting, solar heaters and water features.  There are several remote control panel options available as well as iPad and iPhone controls.    This system will work for most pool and spa applications.
  5. The Pentair IntelliCenter control system is used in circumstances where more circuits and programming are required than are available with the Easy Touch.  It has the same integration as the Easy Touch, plus much more.  Typically, these projects are pool/spa combinations with multiple filtration systems, lighting systems, fire features and booster pumps.  Upgrades are available to control this system from an iPhone, cell phone or computer.  It can also communicate with some home automation systems.

At Riviera, we are dedicated to finding the right equipment for our Tampa customers, so we can make sure that you love your brand new pool.