Exercise Doctors will tell you that swimming and water aerobics are some of the best forms of exercise. A swimming pool will give you an easy and convenient place to keep in shape.

You don't have to have a large backyard to swim laps and the pool doesn't have to be a rectangular design to have room to swim. All you need is a straight swimming lane from one end to the other. Linear designs, as well as freeform pools can give you this swimming area. Where limited space is an issue a water treadmill unit may be just what you need. These devices provide an exhilarating water current that you can swim against. They are adjustable and can be installed in any size pool or spa.

Swim spas can give you the therapeutic benefits of a spa and the health benefits of a lap pool. We combine a small swimming pool with the water treadmill and a separate spa. The spa will overflow into the pool during normal operation and both bodies of water can be heated. These swim spas are becoming more popular in our urban areas where limited space becomes a design challenge.

There are several types and styles available. Ask your design consultant what type of device will work best for you.