There are three types of heaters available for residential swimming pools.  Gas heaters will heat quickly and are typically used for pool/spa combinations.  Sta Rite's Max-E-Therm gas heater is one of the most energy efficient heaters on the market.  It also has better water flow that it's competitors.  If you want to heat your pool or spa quickly, this is the best heater.

Heat pumps heat slower but are more efficient than gas heaters.  Pentair makes a great heat pump called the UltraTemp.   It is another part of their Eco Select Brand.   Because most spa owners want their spa heated quickly, heat pumps are best suited for pool only applications.  We recommend using a solar blanket on the pool to reduce the heat loss.

Solar heat is a very effective way to extend your swimming season without the added expense of electricity or gas.  While solar heat won't give you "all-year" swimming, it sure beats that hefty electric or gas bill.  Riviera Pools offers solar heaters by Solar Hydronics Corporation

What will work best for you depends on what part of the year you will be heating, how often you will want to heat and how long you intend on staying in your home.  Ask one of our qualified design professionals to take a look at your particular situation.  They can give you a good recommendation.