Riviera Pools pumps save energy and money


Riviera Pools is proud to offer Sta Rite and Pentair equipment for all of our Tampa pools. We use the Super Max single and two-speed pumps for our most basic circulation systems and water features. The Super Max is a silent commercial grade motor. The system requires minimum maintenance. You simply remove and empty the strainer basket and you’re done. This system is also built to survive weather extremes and will never corrode.  

Our Rivenergy circulation systems that increases water flow require a two-speed pump or a variable speed pump. Our Rivenergy system will increase the distribution of heated, filtered, and sanitized water throughout your pool. The Max-E-Pro pumps work best with our Rivenergy system and is a high-head pump that will move more water per horsepower than most pumps on the market.

The IntelliPro VSF variable speed pumps are the most energy efficient pumps on the market. They have four programmable speed settings which allows you pre-program the best and most energy efficient circulation program for your pool. The IntelliPro is the world’s first pump that will deliver the highest efficiency performance. The IntelliPro can respond to changing conditions in your pool. This pump can save you up to 90% more energy than most single or two-speed pumps.  There is also no need to buy a separate timer for your pump. The IntelliPro has a simple user-friendly interface and runs in real time, eliminating an external timing unit.

As a new pool owner, you want to run your pool as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. You want to reduce the energy that you use to keep your pool flowing, heated, and sanitized. In the long run, a pump that is easy to maintain and can keep your pool maintenance low is a great option. This will reduce the amount of work you need to do to keep your pool clean and will reduce the cost of your pool over time. These pumps, combined with our high-flow Rivenergy plumbing, really keeps your electrical bill low and save you money. Click here for an energy savings calculator. For high-flow water features we may also use the Max-E-Pro XF pumps.