Riviera Pools Rivenergy lowers energy and heating costs


Riviera Pools was the first pool builder in the Tampa area to change the way pools circulate. Most pools are circulated from the top, using two to three pool inlets installed about 18" below the surface.  We developed our Rivenergy Circulation system many years ago to help reduce the expenses associated with operating a swimming pool.  We looked at all aspects of the pool's circulation system and designed it for higher flow rates and top to bottom circulation.  This type of circulation system can reduce chemical and electrical cost by 30% and heating costs up to 40%.

Our plumbing is upgraded to lower friction loss and reduce the head pressure on the plumbing system, thus increasing the flow rate. We also include four wall returns to give better chemical distribution.  If the pool is to be heated, we can add a fifth “Deep Heat” return line on the deep end pool floor or upgrade to our Rivenergy VIP System so the entire water column is circulated from top to bottom. This increases the chemical distribution even more and allows the pool to be heated from the bottom, which will heat the pool quicker and more efficiently. We also use high-flow pumps, filters, valves, sanitizers and heaters to keep the water moving through the system with less restriction. Many of our customers realize lower electrical, heating and chemical bills after using our Rivenergy system.

The Quik Skim venturi powered skimmer removes more debris than a standard skimmer and allows more suction to be directed to the pool drain by using venturi powered skimming.  Natural water pressure is used to create a stronger vacuum to clear more debris than a standard skimmer.  The AVCS heavy debris removal channel drain is the safest and most efficient drain on the market.  The AVSC drain has been classified as unblockable and certified by NSF International.  Because of its dual levels of entrapment protection, the AVSC drain offers the highest level of swimmer protection without sacrificing cleaning capability.  Designed with a large opening for heavy debris removal, the AVSC keeps your pool clean while efficiently removing unsightly large debris.