Riviera Pools Sanitizers help balance chemicals


There are several types of sanitizers available to help balance the water of your Tampa swimming pool. Our pools come with a Rainbow in-line chlorine dispenser that uses chlorine tablets to sanitize the water. The Rainbow inline will prevent you from having to manually handle your pool chemicals. Many of our customers choose to use the IntelliChlor electrolysis system that converts salt to chlorine. This system will save you time and money and prevent you from exposing yourself to chemicals. You no longer have to handle harsh chemicals and you don’t have to worry about the drawbacks of chlorine. With the IntelliChlor system you can swim odor-free, the water won’t burn your eyes, and no more bleached swim suits.  

Ozone is another great way to sanitize by using a special oxidation system. It can be used with the chlorine tab or salt system. Your pool can sometimes contain combined chlorines which causes the chlorine-smell and irritation to your skin. It can discolor your bathing suits and your hair. However, with the Ozone, the pool water will be oxidized whenever the circulation pump is running. This will help break down the combined chlorines and reduce the harshness of the water. It is the strongest oxidizer available for residential swimming pools and will reduce the need to “shock” your pool. Click here to download an article that explains the chemistry behind this and why this system will save you time and money.

Hawyard's HydraPure system combines the germicidal properties of UV with the oxidative power of ozone to form hydroxyl radicals - one of the most potent oxidizers available.  The system produces satin-smooth and gentle water, perfect for swimming. 

Ionization is another popular method of sanitizing your pool water. We use the Mineralizer ionization system and it can reduce the need for chlorine in your pool. It instead uses positively charged ions of copper and silver to naturally kill algae and bacteria in your pool. Pentair's IntelliChem system will monitor your chlorine and pH levels and adjust them automatically. This system integrates with their IntelliChlor and automation systems.