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Negative edge pools or an “infinity edge” pool or spa design create an incredible optical illusion for your backyard. A negative edge on a pool or spa creates a “vanishing edge” that hides the trim of the pool or spa. This trick will give your pool that resort feel and makes it appear as if your pool is endless. This design is remarkable in any backyard as it makes your pool look as if it goes on forever. These types of pool are often used in hotels and tropical getaways because it makes the pool look like it is a part of nature.

Negative edge pools use a catch basin on the side of the pool that is not visible or the entire perimeter of the pool. With infinity edge pools, the water is level with the edge of the pool, so it constantly looks as if it is overflowing. This water then falls into the catch basin so the water in your pool can overflow into the basin and recirculate throughout your pool.

 These types of pools are remarkable to look at and give your design an “Endless Pool” look. The water reflections created by this effect are spectacular because your pool will truly look as if the water has no boundaries. This design feature visually works well with sloping backyards. These yards make the pool appear as if you could keep swimming endlessly. The way negative edge pools look when built in front of nature or a beautiful scenic view, truly make the pool look even more picturesque. And if your house is located on a body of water, this concept can create the feeling that the pool is actually part of that body of water. It will appear as if your pool flows directly into the lake, pond, river, bay, or ocean that you may live near. These types of pools really must be looked at, either in person or through photos in order to truly see how incredible they can truly be. Browse our gallery below to see some of the negative edge pools we have installed for our Tampa clients. We hope you see something that inspires you and your pool.

Negative Edge Pools & Spas Gallery

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