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Every pool needs a pool filtration system to keep all of the debris out of your pool and to ensure that the water is safe for swimming at all times. Most pools have two drains on the bottom of the pool and skimmer drains on the side of the pool that catch some of the various types of debris that may be in your pool. The two drains at the bottom of the pool catch anything heavier and the skimmer catches any debris that is lighter or dirt that may float at the top of the water’s surface. This helps to strain out as much debris as possible such as dirt, plants, or bugs. This will prevent of these materials from reaching the pump. This water will then flow into the filter box to be strained again in a number of ways depending on which filter you choose.

Riviera Pools is proud to offer Sta Rite filters.  For cartridge filtration we use the Posi Clear RP cartridge filters.  For DE filtration we use the System 3 Mod DE filter.

The Posi-Clear filter design is 50% more efficient than any other types of cartridge filters available. The maintenance for this filter is very simple and fast. You simple remove the cartridge, hose it off and you are good to go. The Posi-Clear can trap particles as small as 20 microns. For some perspective, a grain of sand is 1,000 microns. The Posi-Clear is extremely durable, is efficient, has easy installation, uses a fiberglass-reinforced tank, and has a lock-ring in order to have a leak-proof seal.

The System 3 works best for inground pool filtration. It uses diatomaceous earth filtration which are tiny microorganisms that are known for their power to clean. This filter will trap the finest of dirt, hair, and debris up to five microns. This filter creates some of the healthiest water for your pool. This is one of the eco-friendliest filters you could choose for your pool. It also reduces the amount of water you will use to filter your pool. It also requires less maintenance than most filters. This is a win-win!

No matter what filter you choose, we provide the best equipment in order to make sure your Tampa pool is safe and ready for swim season.

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