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Slides and Diving Boards

With proper supervision, slides and diving boards can add so much fun and excitement to your swimming pool experience. Imagine having your own waterpark right in the backyard. We can install your very own waterslide that will provide hours of entertainment for your kids and for you. People of all ages can benefit from the enjoyment of a personal water slide. Slides can be installed with either a simple design or a more complex one. We can install just the slide with a simple ladder or we can embed the slide into a rock wall with a waterfall. Whatever type of idea you have for your water slide, we will do everything that we can to create your vision.

Not only can we install slides but diving boards as well. If you are an avid swimmer or just enjoy the fun of diving boards, we can make sure your pool has one. Diving boards are a great addition to any pool. We can show you different designs you could use for your pool in our design center, so you can see the possible placement of your diving board on your patio.

It is important to remember that there are certain safety measures if you are thinking of putting a slide or diving board in your backyard. If you are considering installing a slide or diving board, please check with your Homeowner’s Insurance Company first. You need to check if they allow coverage for houses with these type of pool fixtures installed. Some in Tampa do, but many do not. You want to ensure this before you decide to install these features in your backyard. Also, slides and diving boards will greatly affect the shape, depth and size of your swimming pool. Each slide and diving board has particular design parameters in order to ensure the safety for you and others that may use your pool. If you are deciding to put a diving board in your pool area, we want to make sure the depth of your pool is deep enough to keep you safe every time you swim.

You can look at the design specifications for each fixture with a design consultant, so you can see how your dream pool will look with each type of slide and diving board. Your design consultant will use these specifications to locate the fixture safely in your design plan.

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