Riviera Pools Water Level Control

Water Level Control

In order for your pool to function properly, the water level must constantly be checked and adjusted in order to make sure that the pool has enough water. You want to ensure that the skimmer has enough water flow to keep your pool filtering any floating debris. This is important, so you can be sure that the water you are swimming in has been properly filtered and is safe for swimming. Your pool water level can go down over time for a number of reasons. The main reason is evaporation and from use over time. When you splash and jump in the water, you are bound to have some water loss. The pool’s water level lowering over time is a natural occurrence when owning a pool.

Also, when heavy rains occur you can have too much water in your pool. Too much water can cause debris to float by without being sucked into your skimmer. This means the water in your pool will not be filtered properly and you will most likely have more flowing debris in your pool than usual. When there is not enough water in the pool, the skimmer is sucking in air which can cause damage to your pool pump’s motor.

This is why it is extremely important that the pool's water level must be maintained to give the pool's skimmer the proper amount of water flow. When the water evaporates, most pool owners fill the pool with their garden hose. This is the method that will require you to be aware and frequently check your pool’s water levels. However, with pool technology advancing there are now better ways to ensure that your pools water level is where it should be.

Riviera Pools has an Automatic Water Leveler available that will maintain the water level for you. It will fill the pool when your levels are low and drain off excess water when needed. It is a must have for pool owners that are away from their home for long periods of time. This takes one less step out of your pool maintenance checklist. Pool levelers enable you to relax when home in Tampa or away from home because you can be sure the water will always be at the correct level.

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